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The FSRI Virginia club will once again be hosting the annual FSRI Summer Training Camp in Ferrum, Virginia. Camp will run from June 24th-26th (Friday-Sunday). As always, all comers are welcome, regardless of what they practice.

The rough theme for the weekend will be “Train Smarter to Fight Harder.” Instruction will feature:

Robert MillerNASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness for Fighting Arts Certified Trainer

David Campbell– chief instructor of the TKRI Virginia club

Randy Simpson– NASM CPT, Fitness for Fighting Arts Certified Trainer. Simpson’s classes will explore Gentile’s taxonomy of motor skills as a method for planning instruction and analyzing the complexity of fighting skills, and present partner drills to foster development of game skills for close range fighting in a variety of environmental conditions and action goals.

This year’s camp will reflect the transition that TKRI has been making away from “traditional” karate and towards a broader approach to the elements of training for fighting skills and self defense. We invite boxers, wrestlers, judoka, MMA students and competitors and other martial artists who have an open mind and the desire to explore methods of pursuing the goals common to all fighting arts. The skill-based training sessions will focus on practical, intuitive responses to violence, rather than historical or theoretical conjecture.

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The 2010 TKRI/Seijinkai Summer Camp was a blast- and boy did it ever go by quickly! Under the direction of Mssrs. Robert Miller, Harry Cook and Elmar Schmeisser,  we plowed our way through timing and slipping drills, Aiki-jutsu-inspired partner work, instruction in core stabilization and corrective stretching,  agility and reactivity drills, a lesson in basic Capoeira, a shodan grading, a sandan grading and a godan grading,  a panel discussion on the future of karate, and a whole lot of happy jamming in the key of “thump and grind.” It was a great weekend with great people and great training.  I think that I speak for all of us when I extend a huge thanks to all who participated, taught,  and helped with the meals and organizational details.

You might remember that Randy and I have had a fair few posts and comments about food and nutrition in the past. Well I’m just back from our annual gasshuku in Virginia. The long weekend was brilliant, as always, and I’m sure there will be a few pictures from it coming up. But I also got a chance to see Randy’s new vegetable garden, and he sent me back to St Louis with an ice-chest packed with lettuce, herbs, chard, carrots, peas and squash. Here is just some of the treasure:

Veggies from Randy's garden.

Veggies from Randy's garden.

At Takushoku there was a chance your sempai might kill you. Mine are sending me home with heirloom carrots. Better, no?

TKRI-Virginia has launched a new and improved website with all sorts of good stuff to check out:

Visit the TKRIVA site here

There are several highlights here, including the Registration Forms for the upcoming TKRI/Seijinkai Summer Gasshuku.

Registration for the 2009 TKRI/Seijinkai Summer Camp

The 2009 Camp Schedule

If you are curious about what goes on at camp, or our annual demonstrations at the Mo. Botanical Gardens Japanese Festival,

Check out the Photo Page

And last, but no by no means least, an excellent article on TKRI’s 2001 Budo Symposium by our own David Campbell is finally available in it’s entirity!

2001 Budo Symposium Article

More Research and Articles

Dig in, have a look, and sign up for camp- all are welcome, regardless of style, rank or affiliation (must be willing to tolerate a never ending stream of bad jokes and puns, however)!

"Try to see yourself as you truly are and try to adopt what is meritorious in the work of others. As a karateka you will of course often watch others practice. When you do and you see strong points in the performance of others, try to incorporate them into your own technique. At the same time, if the trainee you are watching seems to be doing less than his best ask yourself whether you too may not be failing to practice with diligence. Each of us has good qualities and bad; the wise man seeks to emulate the good he perceives in others and avoid the bad."
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