On April 9th, my wife and I will be running in the Rugged Maniac 5k in Greensboro. My participation in the  race will be used to raise money for Brain Injury Services of South West VA. Having survived a moderate TBI and the results of numerous concussions, I recognize that I am very lucky to be alive and on two feet. The long-term results of brain injuries are often “invisible”, and BIS is the kind of group that provides the assistance and information that survivors can have a hard time finding.

There are twelves obstacles to clear on the course.Choose one or several and pledge on this page (via comments) to make a donation to BIS of SWVA for the given amount. Each pledge made is a guarantee that I’ll clear the obstacle as fast and as cleanly as possible- here’s your chance to guarantee my misery! Given amounts are a suggestion, any amount is encouraged.  Pick one or several:

  • Completing the Track under the average time (35 min)- $25
  • Jumping Over the Finish Fire Pit- $15
  • Barbed Wire Crawl- $15
  • Barricades (multiple) – $10
  • Plank Run Across Mud-pit- $10
  • Cargo Nets (multiple)- $10
  • Tire Jungle- $10
  • Tunnel Crawls (multiple) – $10
  • Forest Run- $10
  • Mud-pit Bounding- $10
  • Suicide Slide- $10

And a bonus option:

Open bidding- I’ll run the course in a t-shirt of the highest bidder’s choice, with a few stipulations:

  • Bidding opens at $20
  • Bidding starts today, March 4, and will close on March 31.
  • Person who pledges the highest bid will supply the t-shirt.
  • Person who pledges the highest bid will donate  that amount to BIS. All bidders are encouraged to donate their bid amounts regardless.

For the shirt:

  • Nothing seriously offensive written/portrayed on it (there will be kids on site)
  • Nothing that will interfere with my mobility. Size medium, nothing larger, nothing hanging off of it, etc.
  • Nothing that you care to get back in one piece
  • I’ve already heard rumors of Rainbow Bright and George Michaels t-shirts…the bidding could get fierce

All pledged amounts should be donated by April 8th. Please donate in the name of “FSRI Rugged Maniac Challenge,” or a brain injury survivor in your life.

All obstacles on the course can be seen here:


Choose an obstacle or several and pledge a donation to BIS by writing the obstacle/amount on the comments page.

Donations can be made by visiting:


Click on the PayPal link midway down the page.