The FSRI Virginia club will once again be hosting the annual FSRI Summer Training Camp in Ferrum, Virginia. Camp will run from June 24th-26th (Friday-Sunday). As always, all comers are welcome, regardless of what they practice.

The rough theme for the weekend will be “Train Smarter to Fight Harder.” Instruction will feature:

Robert MillerNASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness for Fighting Arts Certified Trainer

David Campbell– chief instructor of the TKRI Virginia club

Randy Simpson– NASM CPT, Fitness for Fighting Arts Certified Trainer. Simpson’s classes will explore Gentile’s taxonomy of motor skills as a method for planning instruction and analyzing the complexity of fighting skills, and present partner drills to foster development of game skills for close range fighting in a variety of environmental conditions and action goals.

This year’s camp will reflect the transition that TKRI has been making away from “traditional” karate and towards a broader approach to the elements of training for fighting skills and self defense. We invite boxers, wrestlers, judoka, MMA students and competitors and other martial artists who have an open mind and the desire to explore methods of pursuing the goals common to all fighting arts. The skill-based training sessions will focus on practical, intuitive responses to violence, rather than historical or theoretical conjecture.

An emphasis of the evening lecture sessions will be the application of the Maximal Advantage Training system for injury prevention and performance enhancement for specific training goals. These sessions will explore how the model can be used to adapt training to changing goals and priorities as practitioners age or deal with injuries. Outdated and injurious/counter productive training methods will be discussed alongside evidence-based methods for updating them to achieve specific goals. Topics such as state-of-the-art balance and stability training, strength conditioning, speed, agility and quickness and fighting arts-specific conditioning strategies will be incorporated throughout.

But don’t worry- this will be balanced out with plenty of hands on, high intensity training in drills and skills that will help anyone to improve their tool box. If you are looking for ways to make training more productive for your students, or if you are more interested in methods than styles, mark your calendar now. Information on fees and registration will be posted here soon.

As if that weren’t enough, the camp will be held in a beautiful, isolated setting in the Blue Ridge mountains. Campfires, good food, great discussions and plenty of grain-based refreshments make the evening off-hours just as enjoyable and informative as the training and lecture sessions. Banjo music may feature, but it won’t be a sign of impending doom.