To prepare for the varied demands of an upcoming Rugged Maniac race, I’ve designed a series of training circuits which our team will work through from now until April 1. Below is the second circuit for weeks 3-4. Weeks 1-2 are here. This program is also congruent with the metabolic and physical demands of fight training. Throw this into a class or two to shake things up a little. Complete the circuit 5 times per session, 3 times per week. Begin with a light warm up and foam rolling as needed, at the end of the session finish with stretching and foam rolling.  If any of the exercises are unfamiliar, contact me or browse some of Bob Miller’s posts on this blog for examples.

Activity Phase complete with little to no break in between exercises

  • 30 second Jog/jump rope: quick pace
  • Chin ups: x 5-10 (depending on how many you can do w/o losing good form), no bouncing
  • Cable Squats: x 15, stand with a resistance band under your arches, bring handles to shoulder height in back or front squat position, squat with good form and control.
  • Asymmetrical Elevated Push ups: x 5 per arm, elevate one arm by using a medicine ball or something 6” or so high and stable. Observe good push up form.
  • 1 minute jog: moderate pace, change directions, shuffle, backpedal and hop frequently
  • Plank Crawls: plank position, balance on toes, crawl forward 10 feet and reverse back for 10 feet, maintain good form.
  • Dips: x 10, use bars, a bench, chair, table, etc., keep shoulder blades and glutes squeezed together throughout, lower to at least parallel, do partials if needed. If using a table or chair, elevate the feet.
  • Hamstring Curls: x 5 per leg (or 10 using both legs, if you are unable to do single leg), on your back with feet on a stability ball, bridge hips up to neutral and keep them there while rolling the ball towards your butt and back out
  • Rope Climbs: x 1, climb up 5-10 feet up and then lower yourself with controlled descent (do some w/o feet if possible)
  • 30 second Step up to Balance jog: moderate pace jog, every 3-4 steps step up onto a step, balance board or disk and lift the knee high, hold for one second, jog, repeat on other leg, continue
  • Back extensions: x 10, on a stability ball or bench, pause for a moment a the bottom and the top, don’t swing
  • Ball walkouts to press: x 10, start with chest on balance ball, walk hands out in good plank form until only the feet are resting on the ball, perform a push up, walk hands back to start
  • Overhead traverse: x 1, use a beam, rope, jungle gym, etc. and traverse 5 feet commando style, hand over hand. Return if possible.
  • Oblique crunches: x 20 (alternate sides)

Recovery Phase- 2 min

  • Drink some water/sports drink
  • Single leg balance reach, x 2 per leg, with best control
  • Wobble board for 30 seconds, alternate single leg and both legs
  • Check your pulse, record it

Start over at the Activity Phase.

Time yourself and compare completion times (not counting warm-up and stretching), as well as your trend of heart rates at the end of the activity phase and at the recovery phase.

*This circuit assumes that you are generally healthy and in decent shape. Check with a doctor first if there are any doubts.

Complete the circuit period, followed by the recovery period, then repeat. If you have not done this kind of activity for a while, shoot for 2-3 repetitions of the total program per session.* If you are active make 5  the goal. Repeat 2-3 days per week. Begin the series  with a 3-5 min light warm up and core activation exercises, finish with stretching and foam rolling of all muscle groups. Drink plenty of water before, during and after.