I was a pretty active climber as a kid, and as a teenager I had the good fortune to have a youth mentor who ran an outdoor guide business. I spent a lot of weekends learning  how to use my body pull past overhangs and patches of slick rock that I might have otherwise thought were impossible. “Impossible” was always being redefined, and learning to trust yourself and your belayer were inherent in the process. A few buildings in my hometown (and a few in college) were simply too accessible to resist “playing” on, although not everyone was as amused by it as I was. In many respects, climbing is not very different from martial arts training: your own sucesses and failures ultimately rest on your own efforts.

As much as I enjoy climbing, I will never be anywhere near the level of jaw-dropping skill that this guy demonstrates:

No matter what the activity, a person with this much raw speed, agility, strength and skill is a joy to watch.