The 2010 TKRI/Seijinkai Summer Camp was a blast- and boy did it ever go by quickly! Under the direction of Mssrs. Robert Miller, Harry Cook and Elmar Schmeisser,  we plowed our way through timing and slipping drills, Aiki-jutsu-inspired partner work, instruction in core stabilization and corrective stretching,  agility and reactivity drills, a lesson in basic Capoeira, a shodan grading, a sandan grading and a godan grading,  a panel discussion on the future of karate, and a whole lot of happy jamming in the key of “thump and grind.” It was a great weekend with great people and great training.  I think that I speak for all of us when I extend a huge thanks to all who participated, taught,  and helped with the meals and organizational details.