Follow the link for a very sobering article on a teenage athlete who sustained 11 concussions in a 4-year time period. The effects of concussions (aka closed head injury, Traumatic Brain Injury) can be disastrous, and moderate to severe deficits are almost guaranteed in the case of multiple concussions. The problems are compounded if coaches, doctors, martial arts instructors  or training partners do not recognize or ignore the signs and symptoms of a concussion and allow the affected individual to continue an activity after a blow to the head. Unlike a broken bone or other outwardly obvious injury, post-concussive syndrome is an “invisible disease,” and the lasting symptoms can take many forms.  One statement in particular in the article is crushingly true, and should be kept in mind when an injured individual resumes training, work or social obligations:

“There’s no cast,” she says, “so they don’t know how hard it is.”

This young woman is very brave. By sharing her story she is making a valuable contribution to  the growing recognition of the seriousness of concussions.  Read the article here