Here is a a note of caution for all of those enchanted by plyometrics from the Sports Injury Bulletin site.


Plyometric training can improve speed, strength and power. But can it also cause serious injury? Here’s a review of the literature:

An athlete’s hunger for success is fuelled by a constant supply of new products and training principles. During the past decade plyometric training has increased in popularity and is now considered to be an essential training method for athletes competing in a wide variety of sports. Donald Chu, one of the most prolific writers in this area, considers plyometrics to be the ‘icing-on-the-cake’ that can enhance an athlete’s ability, allowing him or her to remain at the cutting edge of their sport (1992). Donald Chu is not alone in this and many other respected coaches believe that, when performed correctly, plyometrics can improve speed, strength, acceleration and explosive power.

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