As far as I am concerned the karate “brand” has jumped the shark. Naive, pedantic, and uncritical traditionalists;  street corner soke; watermelon smashing,  self-appointed, grandmasters; 10 year old black belts;  slick contract wielding salesmen; armies of entertainment producers;  and loads of “masters” who think more about protecting their own little empires than they do about about historical veracity, technical utility, the safety of their school’s  curriculum,  their student’s well being, or the effect they are having on the reputation of karate; have all created the perfect storm for the karate “brand”.

My karate may not be exemplary, but the people I train with train hard. They read, they practice on their own, they make sacrifices to improve and to help each other improve. They deserve better than to be lumped into the same category as some of these brainless twits. It makes me crazy, and sometimes I just need to vent. Once in a while I come across an article like this one and I think ‘there is someone who is working hard to make sure that the reputation of karate (taekwondo in this case although the public hardly seems to be able to make the distinction) is not further sullied’.

Linked Article: New Zealand Athlete Opens Brothel to Raise Money for Olympic Bid


Campbell, 23, a New Zealand taekwondo champion who finished in the top 16 in the featherweight division at the Beijing Olympics, turned pimp after his funds dried up and he feared he was in danger of missing the Games in 2012.

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