I´m travelling down in Costa Rica “on business” and am having one hell of a goodtime. While I´m near civilization, I thought I´d share a few pictures of a very special person and a very special placewith our readers:

This is Timoteo, a leader and defender of the BriBri indigenous people of Talamanca. Timoteo is eager to share his dwindling culture with anyone whio will come to visit- and if you ever get the chance, take it. You will come away changed for the better.


Timoteo took us to a catarata, a waterfall, that his people hold as sacred and purifying to those who bathe in it.


Here we are together:


And of course, big waterfalls mean Sanchin. With his blessings, I shared our tradition with his:


If you are interested in this fascinating culture and this exemplary ambassador, please email me and I will share further information with you. Buay Buay!