TKRI-Virginia has launched a new and improved website with all sorts of good stuff to check out:

Visit the TKRIVA site here

There are several highlights here, including the Registration Forms for the upcoming TKRI/Seijinkai Summer Gasshuku.

Registration for the 2009 TKRI/Seijinkai Summer Camp

The 2009 Camp Schedule

If you are curious about what goes on at camp, or our annual demonstrations at the Mo. Botanical Gardens Japanese Festival,

Check out the Photo Page

And last, but no by no means least, an excellent article on TKRI’s 2001 Budo Symposium by our own David Campbell is finally available in it’s entirity!

2001 Budo Symposium Article

More Research and Articles

Dig in, have a look, and sign up for camp- all are welcome, regardless of style, rank or affiliation (must be willing to tolerate a never ending stream of bad jokes and puns, however)!