Here are a few snapshots of last Thursday evening’s class at the TKRIVA dojo. Doug Bleecker sensei of the Roanoke Okinawan Karate School and several of his students made the trek to join us for an evening of looking at Chinte kata and selected applications. It was very interesting to watch Uechi Ryu practitioners performing a Shorin kata with some rather Goju-esque applications…and the ROKS students can hit HARD- even the younger ones! After getting so much out of my visits to their school, I’m glad that we were able to return the favor. Bleecker sensei’s students are to be commended for their enthusiasm, politeness and hard effort in training.  It was a great evening and we look forward to the next exchange.


A look at opening passage: shiko dachi/hands in a triangle sequence…

imgp23753Continuation to the next sequence: takedown following a smash to the mastoid process and a healthy cranking of the attacker’s neck.