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Garry Lever has a new article up on his Okinawa Goju Ryu UK blog called “Taking Care of Your Training Partner”. It is a quick read but worthwhile.

During training when you are lucky enough to have the help of a training partner to assist you with practising bunkai, it is very important not to take advantage of them.

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Excerpted from the Monash University website:

July 2008

There were 941 Emergency Department (ED) presentations and 371 hospital admissions related to martial arts injury among person 0-59 years, recorded in the Victorian Emergency Minimum Dataset (VEMD) and the Victorian Admitted Episodes (VAED) over the 5-year period 2002-2006.

Frequency: Table 1 shows the annual frequency of ED presentations and hospital admissions by year. The increase in martial arts–related injury over the 5-year period is probably due to better reporting

To read the rest of the article click Here.

"Try to see yourself as you truly are and try to adopt what is meritorious in the work of others. As a karateka you will of course often watch others practice. When you do and you see strong points in the performance of others, try to incorporate them into your own technique. At the same time, if the trainee you are watching seems to be doing less than his best ask yourself whether you too may not be failing to practice with diligence. Each of us has good qualities and bad; the wise man seeks to emulate the good he perceives in others and avoid the bad."
Funakoshi Gichin


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