I’ve just finished a paper that I think will be of more interest to readers of this blog than my usual work (I’m guessing that most of you aren’t all that interested in the analytic/synthetic distinction, though I might be wrong; there are a surprisingly high number of martial artists among philosophers.)

The paper will be coming out in Open Court’s book Martial Arts and Philosophy which is being edited by Graham Priest and Damon Young. Graham is a friend of mine and a senior shito-ryu practicioner. He lives in Australia but we trained together once in a park in San Francisco, before going to Joe Lynch‘s APA session on Philosophy and the Martial Arts…like I said, philosophers…

Anyway, the paper is on epistemic viciousness, and if you’re wondering what that is, well, you’ll have to take a look. It’s written for a popular audience, so the editors have been beating up on me to make it more accessible. Enjoy!